More Magic Than Tricks!

Meet The Invisible Man – has to be seen to be believed!

The Invisible Man (T.I.M.) is a unique and visually awe-inspiring act. TIM is a multi-skilled performer that gives you a walkabout act and a magic cabaret all in one, producing outbreaks of laughter, gasps of amazement and occasional startled screams wherever he goes.

TIM is totally professional, reliable and adaptable. He can 'appear' at any corporate or private event, however big or small, to amuse and mesmerise your guests or make your product truly and unforgettably visible...

The Invisible Man offers:

Surreal and hilarious magic
TIM is an expert in visual comedy magic. Whatever he touches becomes invisible, wands pass through his body as if therewas no one there! TIM's magic strolling repertoire includes 8 foot pole out of a 3 inch pocket, toilet paper mystery, ghost in a hanky and 'bottle through body'.

Mentalism at its most amusing
The Invisible Man has an uncanny power of "seeing through" people to divine their thoughts or tell them their innermost secrets – especially if character readings are requested. He will predict people's actions or make them predict his. Though apparently headless he will memorise a whole deck of shuffled cards in less then three minutes!

T.I.M. can also welcome guests, serve drinks, dance, mime and contact juggle.


"Having you perform at our Christmas Party was really special. Fantastic, hilarious show! I laughed from the moment you started to the end and so did everyone else. It was a truly magical occasion. We want you back next year!"
Michael Festenstien, Director, Oxford Exhibition Services

"Your flexibility and ability to adapt to suit the environment was a sign of a true professional. Many thanks!"
Haralambos Stavrou (Events Organiser), Director, Beyond Certainty Limited, BP Event December 2008

"Thank you TIM, you have done a brilliant job at our exhibition event."
Julius Kisielius, Oracle User Group

"Oh, The Invisible Man, you were fantastic!!!"
Danny Burns, Managing Director, Apollo

"Great to have you entertain my guests.The Invisible Man costume is sheer genius! And as far as the magic goes, there were a few cynics there who thought they've seen it all. I was a little worried about what they'd say. But you've blown them all away. Thank you!"
Simon Holder, Private Party


FAQs from all ages

"How do you scratch your nose?"

"Daddy, where are his ears?"

"How do you breathe?"

"You have a head, don't you?"

"Can I give you a kiss?"